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By February 9, 2018blog

In 1991, Gordon joined the Non-Formal Education Division (NFED) program as a lead singer for the then World Bank sponsored Adult Education Program (AEP) band, Adehyeman. It was during the five-year role as singer of the band that Gordon developed an in-depth understanding of music composition and arrangement since he had the opportunity to sing numerous songs from different genres of international quality. It was also during these years that Gordon developed his own singing style and voice. Granted, he subsequently did not maintain these levels of practice over the next twenty years due to a change in environment and economic circumstances, crowned by his migration to the United States in 1996, the depth of style stayed with him. What today is known as a fantastic and exciting stage craft was perfected during Gordon’s tenure with the Adehyemen band in Ghana between 1991 and 1996. It was also during this important period during Gordon’s music talent development that his two daughters Lariba and Mariama were born. Gordon is now a Grandfather. Gordon officially hails from Kambagu, a village in the north-eastern region of Ghana where he had the golden opportunity of knowing his paternal Grandfather Yatan Laar, the King of Puli and that part of his extended family, and their culture and traditions. Gordon plays the African drum and is learning to play the guitar, a process he continues everlasting.


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