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By February 9, 2018blog

Gordon values his northern Ghanaian culture and roots. This is where and how he learned the intricate rhythms of the African drum and in addition, learned how to dance the various dances of the Bimoba tribe of which he is a member. Throughout his upbringing, school years and family interactions, Gordon grew to become familiar and understand the various traditional rhythms and dances of many of the indigenous tribes of Ghana. His exposure to modern music was early, having to do with the Ghanaian music his parents listened to. Prominent in this group were Ghanaian and Nigerian high life singers. Gordon was also influenced by Western European and American singers throughout his upbringing and later interactions with relevant influencing avenues like high school where he very much enjoyed the occasional weekend record dance entertainment sessions. In his later years as a student in high school, his main influences were Caribbean, significantly the reggae musicians of whom Eric Donaldson, Don Carlos, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Joseph Hill of culture fame are worth of mention among others. Lucky Dube, even though not of Caribbean origins, featured prominently among the reggae group of influences. Gordon listens to all forms of music but leans heavily on reggae, highlife, hip-hop and jazz in his influences. His blend of influences has culminated in his version of what may be considered Afro-Reggae-hip-hop.


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