Who is Gordon Lari?

Gordon Biitian Lari was born in Bawku in 1969 to Jackson Bunbom Lari, a Police Officer, and Mariama Williams, a Nurse Midwife in Ghana West Africa. As is characteristic of the migration and rotation patterns of the police profession in Ghana, Gordon grew up in various parts of the country, to significantly include, Bawku, Tema, Sekondi-Takoradi and Tamale. It was in Tamale that Gordon attended high school at the then Tamale Secondary School and graduated in the Arts. In 1988, after graduating from the Sixth Form at Tamale Secondary school. In 1988, Gordon chose to pursue a music career he had been nurturing over the years. He recorded his first local music album in 1989, which was launched at the Picorna hotel in Tamale. The album, which got radio play and attracted attention nationwide was a success by all standards since it introduced Gordon to the mechanics of the music industry and live band music from a practitioner perspective.

Time in the Music Trenches

In 1991, Gordon joined the Non-Formal Education Division (NFED) program as a lead singer for the then World Bank sponsored Adult Education Program (AEP) band, Adehyeman. It was during the five-year role as singer of the band that Gordon developed an in-depth understanding of music composition and arrangement since he had the opportunity to sing numerous songs from different genres of international quality. It was also during these years that Gordon developed his own singing style and voice. Granted, he subsequently did not maintain these levels of practice over the next twenty years due to a change in environment and economic circumstances, crowned by his migration to the United States in 1996, the depth of style stayed with him. What today is known as a fantastic and exciting stage craft was perfected during Gordon’s tenure with the Adehyemen band in Ghana between 1991 and 1996. It was also during this important period during Gordon’s music talent development that his two daughters Lariba and Mariama were born. Gordon is now a Grandfather. Gordon officially hails from Kambagu, a village in the north-eastern region of Ghana where he had the golden opportunity of knowing his paternal Grandfather Yatan Laar, the King of Puli and that part of his extended family, and their culture and traditions. Gordon plays the African drum and is learning to play the guitar, a process he continues everlasting.

Fan gives Gordon money on stage in Ghana, West Africa – 1989

Music History and Influences

Gordon values his northern Ghanaian culture and roots. This is where and how he learned the intricate rhythms of the African drum and in addition, learned how to dance the various dances of the Bimoba tribe of which he is a member. Throughout his upbringing, school years and family interactions, Gordon grew to become familiar and understand the various traditional rhythms and dances of many of the indigenous tribes of Ghana. His exposure to modern music was early, having to do with the Ghanaian music his parents listened to. Prominent in this group were Ghanaian and Nigerian high life singers. Gordon was also influenced by Western European and American singers throughout his upbringing and later interactions with relevant influencing avenues like high school where he very much enjoyed the occasional weekend record dance entertainment sessions. In his later years as a student in high school, his main influences were Caribbean, significantly the reggae musicians of whom Eric Donaldson, Don Carlos, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Joseph Hill of culture fame are worth of mention among others. Lucky Dube, even though not of Caribbean origins, featured prominently among the reggae group of influences. Gordon listens to all forms of music but leans heavily on reggae, highlife, hip-hop and jazz in his influences. His blend of influences has culminated in his version of what may be considered Afro-Reggae-hip-hop.

Goals and Objectives

Gordon has resurrected his music career by recording a ten-song album, which will be released in 2018. This marks a significant point in his life, where he plans on transitioning to a career that he originally loved and still continues to love, but left. He will perfect this resurrection process by rejuvenating the powerful voice and excellent stage craft that were his mark a few decades ago. Gordon plans to educate himself in the formal tracks of Doctoral Leadership sometime in the future as he is a staunch believer that education exposes a person to the depths of multidimensional thinking in a modern age and creates an opportunity for social, economic and political relevancy at a level that compels value creation for all mankind.

Other Things About Gordon

Gordon loves to walk and job on his treadmill. He is seriously involved with domaining and likes to travel. Gordon holds a Master of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Phoenix, USA. Gordon is likable and believes in the mutual benefit of love and respect for each other through learned behaviors, in accordance with his African traditional and Christian roots. Gordon now lives in Greensboro, NC, the United States of America. Come see Gordon online or at a concert near you.