Mission Statement

“The mission of Ganja Chrome™ is to tap into, create and develop natural sounds of the world that can be enhanced through deliberate harmonization to form unique patterns of familiar music enjoyable by all populations of the world.”

Strategic Vision and Philosophy

Dear Friends:

Welcome to Ganja Chrome™, a contemporary music label started in 2016 and dedicated to promoting all genres of music. Our philosophy of producing great music, derives its authenticity from the notion that natural sounds of the world can and should be enhanced through deliberate harmonization to create unique patterns of familiar music that the populations of the world can enjoy. These natural sounds can be found everywhere there is interactivity in objects and entities of various forms. For example, the sound created by speeding wind becomes a candidate for selection into a harmonized group of tones for final preparation and arrangement. Not only are our sounds natural, some of them constitute an already integrated part of existing harmonized music forms such as the rythms of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and other parts of the world.

At Ganja Chrome™, you will find a dedicated staff of global thinking experts with diverse professional backgrounds dedicated to their art and profession; all designed to contribute to the ultimate objective of producing quality music to the world. From a strategic standpoint, we are proactive in our search for talent, and are therefore always looking for the next genuine act in the industry. We look far and beyond in this search in accomplishing the goal of unearthing worthy rough diamonds. Abstract thinkers are particularly welcome! As we uphold our philosophy, we offer the world great dimensions in music packaged as singles and albums of various genres.

Ganja Chrome™ does not entertain creative boundaries. We look forward to serving the world and its insatiable taste for great music. Stay with us as we embark on this journey of remarkable excitement and adventure. The sounds that come from our focus are remarkable as the musician’s imagination takes them through a desired creative spectrum.

As much as we are open to collaboration with other music companies in the industry as a function of our talent development strategy, we take pride in influencing the outcome of a music release. Contracts are therefore closely monitored for adherence to our internal and external policies of a recognizable baseline in music harmonization innately aligned with our music philosophy.


Gordon Lari

President & CEO